Environment & Safety Sustainability

Putting sustainability at the core of our new strategy means doing our bit to tackle climate change.
We had defined and documented the EHS (environment, health & safety) Policy with regard to Environment, Health & Safety through which we demonstrate our commitment to comply & continually improve the requirements of this international standard within scope of our organization.
While setting, EHS Policy, the following points were considered.

  • It is appropriate to purpose and context of the organization, including nature, scale and Environmental, Health & Safety impacts of its activities, peoples, products and services.
  • It includes commitment to the protection of the environment & peoples, including prevention of pollution, without any risk to the employees, use of sustainable resources, energy saving and other specific commitment(s) relevant to the context of the organization,
  • It provides framework to set and review & achieve EHS objectives and reviewing the EHS performance regularly to ensure its relevance all the time.
  • It also includes commitment to comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

This EHS Policy incorporates the organization's goal for preservation of environment, health & safety and also takes into consideration the survival of the society, surroundings, neighbourhood and interested parties with the commitment for preservation of Natural Resources.

EHS policy is communicated by various means such as documented information, communicated within organization through email, paper distrubution, emails, website, display boards and awareness trainings.